When to Change Your Locks

Keeping your home secure is very important for your safety of your family. There might be situations when you need to change your locks. Having strong locks and even digital alarm systems in your property won’t matter if someone has the key and can simply access at will. A qualified locksmith can help you replace the locks on your property if your are dealing with any of the situation mentioned here.

So when should you change your locks? Let’s dive right into it and explore some not so obvious situation when you should consider changed the locks on your home or business.


Losing Your Keys

If you have lost your keys you may want to consider changing your looks. This totally depends on the situation. If you lost your keys and were 100 km away from your home and there’s no possible way that your keys can be matched back to your property then you might not want to take this step.

On the other hand if you lost your keys close to home and there is some sort of key tag on your keys that can link them back to your property it might be time to change your locks to avoid any possible break ins.

Worn Out Locks

Let’s be realistic here for a moment. You don’t install a lock and it lasts for a lifetime. Locks wear out and begin to rust over time. And old lock that is rusting and not working properly is a security risk.

It might not be a situation where you want to deal with the cost but for your own security it is well worth replacing worn out locks on your property.

Home Intrusion

If you have been the unfortunate victim of a break-in or even an attempted break-in it would be well within your best interest to consider changing your locks. If the break and was successful then the burglar knows how to pick the lock and can come back to rob the house again.

If the break-in was not successful the lock may potentially be compromised and it would be quite easy for someone to spot a lock that looks damaged. A successful break in is more likely to occur on an already damaged lock especially if it’s viewable from the street on say the main entrance of your home.

If you have had a home intrusion then you’re home security has definitely been compromised and it might be time to replace looks.

Moved Recently?

Have you moved properties recently? It does not matter if you purchased your property or taken on a new rental. How can you be sure that the previous person that was in the property did not make a copy of the keys and is waiting for you to leave on a holiday and break in to your property.

It doesn’t just come down to this. If you have recently gone through a separation, if you have had flatmates leave a property in a situation where there was a disagreement. Or if you had workers coming to the property and they had copies of keys. It’s not just revolved around moving properties. There are so many situations that this could apply to.

It is in your best interest to change your locks if you have recently moved or gone through any of the situations mentioned above.


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