5 Steps to a Safer Home

Little changes generally have the biggest impact when it comes to the security of your home. Small but bad habits can easily be turned into good habits that can keep your family safe and your belongings where there should be. Safely inside your home. This is a small guide that’s being put together to deter thieves from breaking into your home.

1 – Keep the Outside Clean

Make sure that the outside of your property is in good condition. It’s pretty easy for a thief to take notice of a broken window. And it’s also easy for you to ignore it if it’s not a big deal to you. But if everything is intact and looks secure. Then your property looks less appealing for someone to break in. Make sure all items that are not in use a stored away correctly so it does not give the perception that they could potentially be more for the taking. Some examples are kids toys in the yard that can be seen form the road, ladders or other work tools.

2 – Keep Windows and Doors Secure

A great thing to do is to have a locksmith come out to your property and do a security audit. They would check your doors and windows to ensure that they are not easily accessible. If you had a break-in and the insurance company finds out that your property was not up to par based on their policies they may potentially refuse your claim.

3 –  Buy a Good Safe

Having a safe is not just something to use in a hotel room when you travel. They are becoming increasingly popular these days. Imagine for a moment if you had a break-in and the box that you keep all your passports, birth certificates, and other important documents or valuables got stolen. That would be a nightmare to deal with! It’s really not that hard to pick up a safe from the local department store or order one from Amazon.

4 –  When is the Last Time you Replace your Keys?

Do you rent your property?

Did you just take the property over in a purchase?

Have you lost your keys and didn’t  replace them?

There situations could potentially lead to someone simply using the set of keys they have to let themselves into your property. And this may potentially not be covered on an insurance claim. Replacing all of the locks on your property might not be the most convenient situation to deal with but sometimes it’s what’s required. A professional locksmith can help with lock replacement.

5 – Do you Have These Bad Habits?

Are you one of those people who leaves keys in the lock?

Do you leave the house unlocked when you go to the store?

If you’re doing this you could be jeopardising your home safety. Even your families safety. Make it a habit actually lock your property when you are not there as this why you were juice the risk of a break-in.

We home these tips have helped you. If you want to secure you home then you should know how to pick a good locksmith for the job. Well, you’re in luck! We just put up our guide called How to Choose a Good Locksmith. It’s the perfect next step after reading this article on our site.