A Relaxing Afternoon at Lower Gardens? Why Not!

Lower Gardens is located near the pier, beach, and the main shopping center. It stretches from the town center to East and West Cliff Beach, and it is a five-minute walk from the town center.

It is the most popular of the three stunning gardens Bournemouth has to offer. The gardens are surrounded with attractive displays combining a series of scents, textures, and colors with Victorian design. It is perfect for a picnic thanks to the well-groomed lawns under tree shades that offer tranquil ambiance.

Year Round Events

It hosts a year-round variety of attractions that include an aviary that provides a view of rare and exotic birds with impressive colours. A nice walk that has a romantic feel surrounded by pine trees. This walk is also referred to as “Walk in the Victoria era-Invalids” and there is an ancient belief that the scent from the pine trees had the power to cure chest diseases. Something else to note is there is a street food corner, art exhibition and an 18 hole-mini golf. Even those with limited mobility can attend as the golf course caters to it.

They also host seasonal events such as candlelight illuminations that have been celebrated for 100 years with thousands of visitors flocking in. The event involves lighting thousands of candles in glass jars that transform Bournemouth Lower Gardens into a magical candlelit kingdom. The art exhibition is held here being a response to the historical and visual attributes of the garden and finally a kids free fun festival during summer.

Seasonal Events

Lower Gardens has Christmas activities during winter such as an ice rink that measures over 600sqm. So a number of visitors to can sake, there is room for all! Less confident and younger skaters are helped wioth the seal shaped sliding aids to help. There is an opportunity to ride hot air balloon over Bournemouth from here.

Visitors can view a large rock exhibit available in the gardens and established way back in the 1930s. You can take photos in the garden scenery like the pine walk bandstand. Experience the Pier Approach, a lighting scheme designed to incorporate a wide range of lighting effects. It has bespoke wooden lighting masts that come together to create an immersive and magical experience.

On the hots days (yes, the few that the UK gets but nevertheless more so in Bournemouth than other places in England) pop-up booths are located along the paths selling ice cream. Listen to soothing music at the Bandstand provided during summer months courtesy of visiting bands.

Visit the park and enjoy all these activities and spectacular views. Something to try is to come once each season if you live locally as the gardens vibe changes with the season!

How to Get to Lower Gardens?

You really just head to Bournemouth Beach. The gardens are right there. If you want to head back to our offices after a relaxing visit to the park just use the directions below.

Learn more about what do as a locksmith company. Or if you are still keen to read more about what to do in Bournemouth why not read about the Natural Science Society. It’s very close to Lower Gardens so a perfect next stop.