Science Buff? Why not checkout the Bournemouth Natural Science Society

In the midst of Bournemouth is a hidden gem loved by everyone who discovers it. Don’t be fooled thinking that it’s just another sleepy little seaside village, this bustling town is filled to the brim with fun and exciting activities for the whole family. Especially science buffs!

The seaside resort is lined by beautiful Victorian houses, so it is easy to think that the Bournemouth Natural Science Society building is just one of them. The building itself is eye-catching, though, with its size and unique green-colored linings as seen in the photo to the left. This perky-looking house actually holds a museum, a library, and several lecture halls used to promote appreciation of the natural sciences and history.

Fossils & a Mummy!

There are different rooms for each branch of natural science. Each room is filled with a vast collection of the finest specimens from ancient times to the present. The museum houses pieces of fossils from dinosaurs, mammoths, extinct insects, seashells, and more. There are also mounts of taxidermy of rare and unusual-looking animals.

Among the most interesting rooms in the building is the Egyptology room. Where there are an actual mummy. No not the one from the movie but an actual Egyptian mummy still in its sarcophagus! And there is also a lot of significant pieces in Egyptian history. This is a sight that not many people get to see in their lives. Imagine going back 2,500 years and thinking about life in those days as you see a real life mummy.

Every room is the museum is filled with drawers and shelves of specimens, making it very exciting for visitors to just open the cases, find surprises, and learn about them through the guides.

Living Insects

There is also a room dedicated to living insects, where visitors, even children, can hold all sorts of bugs. This, of course, is supervised by an in-house entomologist who shares information about the insects and how to properly handle them.

The Volunteer Experience

Truly, the collections in the museum is fascinating! But the very enthusiastic volunteers in the rooms make the visit a hundred times better. It is very different from other museum visits wherein everything is static and you merely have to read brief descriptions of the artifacts.

Since most of the volunteers are members of the Society, they know a lot about the specimens and are very helpful in explaining each and every one of them. The staff is approachable, friendly, and patient, making the discussions very interactive. Because of the interesting displays and discussions, visitors usually get carried away and spend more than two hours in the museum.

Special Events

On some days, the Bournemouth Natural Science Society conducts illustrated talks, exhibitions, field meetings, and field trips, which are open to anyone interested to learn more about the natural sciences and history. Since it is a project out of the members love for the natural sciences, entrance to the museum and the lectures are free.

So make sure Bournemouth Natural Science Society building on your to do lists and allow yourself to get lost in the beauty of science and history!

There are no restaurants or food shops in the building, though, but you can request fresh biscuits, coffee, or tea, and the staff will be happy to serve them for a minimal fee.

Getting to the Bournemouth Natural Science Society

In the day and age we live in you can just pull up Google Maps on your phone and you’ll get your directions!

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