How to Choose a Good Locksmith

Unless you have a locksmith you already trust a home or auto lockout can make you vulnerable to scammers.

The following tips will make sure you hire someone who’s qualified and trustworthy.

Tip #1

The first thing you should look for is good customer service someone. Call the locksmiths number you’re looking to hire. Talk to them about all the different options you considering and see how they respond. Do a little research first so you come across as being a little knowledgeable. There are different types of locks and different ranges of security levels. A good company will take the time to actually help you make a choice based on your needs rather than just getting the sale right way.

Tip #2

Make sure the locksmith is licensed. Here in the UK including Bournemouth any reputable locksmith will be part of the Master Locksmiths Association. When the locksmith shows up they should have their credentials handy and they should be in a company car. Not just a plain car without company branding.

Don’t allow the locksmith to work on your property without seeing credentials. As at the end of the day to an untrained eye like yours you won’t know if the locksmith is doing something to your property that will allow someone to access it with ease later.

Tip #3

A locksmith is something that you’d never even know someone has a recommendation for. Having your locks replaced on your home is not really a talking point for many. So reach out to your good friends and find out if they have a recommendations for a locksmith that did good work for them in the past. This is who we get a lot of businesses coming in ourselves as a business as we do good work and get lots of referrals.

Tip #4

Something you want to keep in mind is asking for a complete price that won’t change. This way you ensure you have a final price and you avoid the lowball bait price switching games. This way even if there is a labour charge and various other fees it won’t matter as you have a confirmed written quote.

Tip #5

Go local! There are lots of call centres out there that a run by national companies. We support local businesses ourselves partners we work with. And it’s best to choose a local locksmith also. We cover Bournemouth but if you need a local locksmith in other parts of the UK then check the UK Locksmith Directory. The only locksmiths allowed in this directory are locals who have community values.

If you follow these tips then when making a choice out of your locally available locksmiths should end up being a sound choice.

We hope these tips have helped you. If you are looking top replace door locks on your property then Phil’s guide on How to choose the Best Door Lock for your Home is something you should read next.