The Square Bournemouth – The Heart of Bournemouth

The Square refers to the open square that marks the center of Bournemouth. The square separates the central gardens from the lower gardens. You’ll also find a gorgeous river called Bourne that streams under the square. Bournemouth has 7 miles of beach, and it’s specifically warm making it a favorite to a lot of UK tourists. There’s a range of things for everybody there to keep water sports enthusiasts busy to the routine beach goer.

You can even head to Pine Walk. It’s walking range from The Square in the Bournemouth gardens. The Pine Stroll Open Art Exhibit is held here on summertime days. In the last few years, peoples’ population has actually commonly grown here offering more of the Bohemian image, rather than a typical south coast retirement town therefore causing the nickname BoMo.

History of The Square

An author by the name of Hubert Parry who was born next door to The Square was stated to have marked it with a blue plaque. A blue plaque serves as a historical marker. Its an irreversible sign put in a public place in the UK in commemoration of a well-known individual.

A cable car shelter was built at the center of the Square in 1925, with a clock on the top. The clock was contributed by Captain HB Norton who was a magistrate and former councilor in the region. He later on turned the location into a roundabout that had a clocktower until 1997. At around that time, the clock was famously called the Leaning Tower of Bournemouth. The Obscura Café was later integrated in its place, and the clock set up right at the top of it! In 2000, the Square has went eco-green as traffic is no longer allowed except for delivery trucks for businesses.

Markets in The Square

The Bournemouth Christmas Market which was inspired by the Weihnchtsmarkt traditional German Markets has been in play for 6 years now. The new organizers S&D Leisure Europe Limited provided a brand-new lease and had because taken over in its running and promotion of the marketplaces in The Square each December.

Because S&D Leisure Europe has taken over the quality of the event has leapt significantly into the positive. More traders have up their game by constructing exhibitor chalets in combination with wonderfully made Christmas decorations and dedicated Christmas Market Gateways. The event certainly intends for a family audience with something for everybody.

Food & Drink available at The Square

For those who like a beer or more, there’s a new joint called the German Alpine Bar in The Square where you can hang out and have fun. You’ll get different restaurants with various tastes and budgets. There has been an increase in takeaways for many years, using cheap alternatives to a restaurant meals.

Accommodation in The Square

There are numerous incredible hotels to sleep in! This is because the town was developed as a seaside resort and in turn hotels are a massive part of that. Hotels with gorgeous classical architecture can be found everywhere if you just walk into the  backstreets of the square.

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