Pubs & Bars in Bournemouth

Bournemouth is home to many pubs. If you enjoy a nice pint and some time to wind down with friends after a long work week then you might want to visit some of these locals. It does not matter if you are looking for craft beer or your go to stable international branded beer, Bournemouth’s local pubs will provide!

The Stable Bournemouth

The Stable is perfect for some craft beers. They are a national brand that has some of the best drinks in the business. The also do pizza! They are located in the former tourist information office in the centre of Bournemouth and one of The Stables larger locations.

Brewhouse & Kitchen Bournemouth

If you love craft beer then you need to visit the Brewhouse & Kitchen. With over 50 craft beers to choose from and a awesome food menu to match this pub is one of the best in Bournemouth.

Key West

Key West is a bar, grill and restaurant. Can you guess where it is? This about the original ‘Key West’. If you know anything about that then you may have guessed at the end of Bournemouth Beach Pier and you’d be right! Key West is perfect for a sunset meal and a drink. Relax to the seaside breeze while you enjoy a drink outside.

Sixty Million Postcards

Sixty Million Postcards or 60MPS for short is open seven days a week and you can party till 2am on the weekends. Located on Exter Road, so it’s very central and just a short walk from The Square in Bournemouth. Every kind of drink you fancy can be ordered and there is a large menu. The food actually comes from Ruby Jean’s Diner just around the corner.

These are just a few different pubs and bars in Bournemouth. If you want a full list of different is a great place to find out about ever single bar and pub in Bournemouth.

Chaplin’s & The Cellar Bar

Chaplin’s & The Cellar Bar is an award winning alehouse and cocktail bar plus a restaurant all wrapped up into one. Chaplin’s pride and joy is that they use locally sourced produce in Bournemouth. They also have a pie of the day so you’ll never get the same pie twice!

Hopefully you enjoyed out mini article on where to go out in Bournemouth. If you need a Bournmouth locksmith then read more about us on our homepage.